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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  December 10, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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sean gregory, senior writer at "time" magazine. can you break down, what is in this new policy? >> the main takeaway is there's going to be a reading right from it, disciplinary officer will be hired for the newly created position of special council for investigations and conduct. so, basically roger goodell is getting out of the initial suspending business, which was the big criticism, is why is the guy in charge of running the biz of the nfl playing judge, jury and executioner. not a big surprise there. when all this stuff down, the inconsistent suspensions pp, there was always kind of the feeling within the league office and some consultants that they brought in were saying, hey, you have to kind of recuse yourself from some of the initial suspensions. have an independent person come in. and it looks like goodell, however, retains the right to still be involved in the appeals process. so, he's not totally, totally
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letting go. yeah, pretty significant change there. >> we are looking, as we see images of janay rice and ray rice, part of the issue in that case, the differing accounts of what roger goodell was told, whether he was given the full story by ray rice about that incident with his wife that was caught on video at a casino hotel elevator. some of the criteria also expanding the conduct that also can be subject to sanction, including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse. there was a sense that roger goodell was cool on these issues which seems incredible for an adult man. but is part of this to try to get him removed from the policy because he's not seen as a credib credible arbitor? >> i think so. when he took over as commissioner in 2006, he was very adamant about protecting the shield. there were a bunch of player
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arrests and he said, i'm going to get tough. he got tough. he inserted himself into this whole process and alienated the players. with the ray rice situation, you said it perfectly, his credibility is no longer there. he admits in a article in "the wall street journal" today, i blew it. he's been very public about how he made mistakes there. and so now it's in somebody else's hands. >> to read for our viewers on this breaking news there is now a new personal conduct policy for the nfl, it includes additional nfl-funded counseling and services for victims' families and violators, a more extensive list of prohibited conduct, investigative procedures, paid leave for an individual charged of domestic violence, an outside group and to consult on other elements and baseline suspension of six games without pay for violations solving assault, battery, domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse and other
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forms of violence or sexual assault. going forward, what might this mean for players already under potential investigations that are active right now? >> well, i mean, it kind of certifies things. and the key is also the nfl is going to move ahead of law enforcement on this stuff. the new special investigator has the right to come in and make a suspension and hand down a penalty, even if law enforcement hasn't acted. for example, greg hardy of the carolina panthers is under appeal, so this gives the nfl more power to keep that suspension active because they're saying straight out that we have the right now to move ahead of law enforcement on these things. through the investigation process, if we find there's reason to be punished, you can be punished. >> all right "time" magazine's sean gregory. thanks. to the new reaction,
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rebuttals and calls for prosecution in the wake of the cia's torture report. at least six u.s. embassies in the middle east, asia and europe are warning of possible retaliation strikes over the details of the harsh interrogation tactics used. president obama says despite concerns, the world needs to hear what the report has to say. >> i think it was important to release this so that we can account for it, so that people understand precisely why i banned these practices as one of the first acts i took when i came into office and hopefully make sure we don't make those mistakes again. >> mark udall blasted the cia for misleading lawmakers. >> cia personnel tortured detainees to confirm they didn't have intelligence.
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not because they thought they did. director brennan and the cia today are willfully provide information and misrepresent the efficacy of torture. in other words, the cia is lying. this is not a problem of the past, madame president, but a problem that needs to be dealt with today. >> from "morning joe" former cia drishgt michael hayden insisted washington was aware of the agency's tactics. >> we thought we were doing the nation's will. and in all of these activities, the president authorizes them, the congress was briefed, without objection, and we carried them out. >> also today a u.n. special investigator is doubling down on his calls for justice insisting, quote, the individuals responsible for what he calls a criminal conspiracy must face criminal penalties. i spoke with attorney general eric holder in memphis yesterday
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and he says the justice department has already been down that road. >> the conclusion i think we ultimately reach is because of the passage of time, and also because of the legal opinions that came from the justice department with regard to these enhanced interrogation techniques, that you could not make prosecutable cases. we took this very seriously. we took this extremely seriously. >> for more on the administration's reaction, we go to nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing. it appears the white house is not moving forward on any cases involving this cia torture report, so what is the potential fallout? what are the potential ram fictions? >> reporter: yeah, i think a lot of the conversation here today was about moral authority. on one hand, what has this meant for our standing in the rest of the world? you mentioned some places where they expect there could be problems, potentially demonstrations or retribution. there is also this question of whether or not anyone should be punished for these activities.
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pushed on it today, josh earnest said it's up to the justice department. what we've been hearing since this report was released. beyond that, the president himself was asked yesterday whether anyone in his administration had ever engaged in any of these kind of activities. he said, well, if they had, they would be breaking the law. again, pressed on whether or not there would be any charges brought or even the possibility of a pardon, that decision was being left up to the justice department, joy. as you know, they had already concluded that the timing, the evidence for a range of factors, that did not happen. >> nbc's chris jansing at the white house. thank you very much. afghanistan's president is strongly condemning the cia actions saying the abuse that happened at detention centers inside afghanistan and other countries violates all acceptable norms of human rights in the world. for more on the international reaction, we're joined by nbc's
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ayman. talk about the fallout from afghan and beyond. >> he was very critical about some of the practices, specific kaelt allegations coming out of the senate report suggested that the torture that took place happened in bagram air base. obviously, a facility held by u.s. military, post-9/11. he's been critical of the u.s.'s policy and strongly condemned the pore tour. it hasn't only been him. top counterterrorism official at united nations say officials need to be held accountable for these actions. we're hearing from some of u.s.'s adversaries, including the iranian supreme leader. his tweets were very critical calling the u.s. government a symbol of tyranny against humanity and even used the
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hashtag ferguson. it gives you a sense that the reaction from the international community has been very critical of this allegation that has come out in the senate report. more importantly, some of the u.s.'s closest allies including british prime minister david cameron, he too was very critical of torture and said his government absolutely stood against the use of torture as a policy. in the past, the british government was very much involved with the united states in those wars in iraq and afghanistan. so, even some of the u.s.'s closest allies have been critical. >> thank you very much. let's go to capitol hill where congressional leaders have agreed on a $1.1 trillion spending bill, funding most of the government until next fall. and averting the possibility of a government shutdown. house speaker john boehner talked about the spending package this morning. >> when you look at the number of agreements that had to be struck on funding levels, on
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riders and other provisions, there was a lot in this bill. and the appropriate raters did a marv job. wish it would have been done last week, but it wasn't. >> luke russert is live on capitol hill with the latest. i don't think congratulations is the right term for what's being done. give us a little more about the reaction to the agreement on the hill. >> reporter: well, joy, we're expecting conservatives to be angry about this bill because it did nothing regarding president obama's executive order regarding immigration reform, with the exception of only funding the department of home security to late february where republicans say they want to come back here. so we always knew that. but what's really bubbled up within the last hour is real opposition from the left for two reasons. number one, within this 1600-page bill there's a stipulation that would raise the amount an individual donor can give the rnc or dnc to $324,000.
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that wasn't debated. that wasn't put forward before a committee. that was just inserted in here at the last minute. that does not sit well with a lot of democrats. also within this bill, a stipulation within the dodd/frank law that regulates those derivatives, what many people blame for the economic collapse of 2008, would essentially roll back a law that would disbar, banks insured by the government from engaging in derivatives. this is something that's sparked a large outcry on the left. elizabeth warren, who's in the democratic leadership, per se o the senate side actually said, if this passes, it confirms the view of the american people that the system is rigged. nancy pelosi's press staff has sent three e-mails out in the last hour rallying against this deal, bipartisan deal, backed by harry reid. why is that important, joy? to get to 218 votes, john boehner is going to need nancy pelosi's help in the house. right now there's an outcry on
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the left. will this completely scuttle the deal? probably not but things just got a lot more interesting than we thought they were going to be. last night this seemed like a rubber stamp and things are getting quite dicey right now. >> luke russert on capitol hill, things do have a way of getting interesting out there. thank you very much. appreciate it. after the break, the winners and losers and all the little goodies hidden inside that last-minute deal to keep the federal government's lights on. plus, a tortured legacy. the long shadow that george w. bush casts on republicans and democrats seven years after he left the white house.
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reed alert from wall street where the dow has dropped more than 200 points. the cause? cheap oil and gas prices.
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the price of crude fell to a five-year low today at $63. meanwhile, on capitol hill, it appears congress has managed to avoid letting the government shut down. striking a deal on funding through next fall. now, not everyone on capitol hill is happy with what's in the $1.1 trillion spending bill, so what exactly is in it? here are some of the highlights. the department of homeland security, the agency that oversees immigration policy, will be funded but only until february. the environmental protection agency's budget will shrink. $5.4 billion is set aside to combat ebola. white potatoes are now on the menu. they're cleared for purchase through women, infants and children's program. vice president joe biden gets a pay freeze once again. we turn to ed o'keefe the congressional reporter for "the washington post." thank you for being here. >> nice to be with you. >> i appreciate the fact that you read through the entire bill, so that we didn't have to. we pulled out some of the things that you found in it. let's talk first about the big winners in the bill. we pulled aside three that we
11:17 am
thought were salient. wall street, political donors and the department of veterans affairs. talk about what wall street is getting out of this bill. >> yeah, there are some changes to those dodd/frank financial regulatory reforms that were put in place back in 2010. basically, it's probably better for you to talk to people at cnbc about this because i'm no financial expert, but essentially it now allows banks to move back derivatives under their sort of regular umbrella and put it under sort of normal banking order. this is something they've been asking for for several years, the big banks on wall street, literally on wall street. >> tif they're allowed to move them into the banking arena, that means they've covered bit fdic, the taxpayer pays for, reallows the gamble olgt public dime that was gotten rid of by dodd/frank. that's pretty frightening and according to luke russert that's causing problems with democrats on the hill, saying they're not too happy and may not support the bill. let's talk about what's going on with political donations.
11:18 am
that's a huge change. >> it is. in fact, this is the one causing just as much or if not more concern, especially among democrats at this hour. essentially if you're a top political donor who's maxed out, let's say, to the dnc, you'll be able to give even more now to three new political committees that essentially set up to help pay for the political conventions for something called building expenses and for another account that essentially would pay for election recounts. a lot of this actually used to exist. this essentially continues to chip away at the mccain/feingold campaign. democrats said, look, we were aware of the attempts to raise the caps on how much you could give, but we didn't support taking them this far. dozens of democrats threatening to vote against the bill in the house. that could be a real problem because john boehner needs at least some democrats to vote with republicans, given that at least a few dozen republicans
11:19 am
are expected to vote against it. >> and also the department of veterans affairs getting an increase. on that coming on the heels of that scandal over va health and the way they were treating our veterans. let's go some of the big losers in the bill. the epa gets cut, the irs, a little payback from the tea party, and school lunches get cut. talk about the irs changes. >> well, yeah, they're seeing about a $300 million cut overall and they'll essentially be under more scrutiny in the republican congress wants it begins in january. like you said, this is essentially punishment for all the issues they've had in recent years, the targeting scandal that went after tea party aligned group seeking tax-exempt status. they remain a gop target. republicans coming out of closed door meetings, telling my colleagues they were happy to see notable cuts in spending at irs and epa. all sorts of changes in what the epa and-k and cannot do but
11:20 am
white house and democrats happy they were able to stop republicans from making bigger cuts. >> you can't stop the gop from cutting school lunches, a perennial favorite. i want to play what elizabeth warren had to say about the dodd/frank change. >> i know house and senate negotiators from both parties have worked long and hard to come to an agreement on the omnibus spending legislation. and senate leaders deserve great credit for preventing the house from carrying out some of their more aggressive fantasies about dismantling even more pieces of financial reform. but this provision goes too far. >> and we are in the lame duck congress, still controlled by the democrats. is there a chance this does not pass in the senate? >> we'll see. at this point we're not -- we're not being told. look, it should be no surprise to anyone that someone like elizabeth warren who represents that progressive, anti-wall street wing of the party, is upset about this. but she's only one senator. sure, there will be a few more.
11:21 am
you talk to senior congressional aides they say, look, there was a real tradeoff here. republicans and some democrats have been seeking this on behalf of the banks for several years now since the reforms were put in place. in exchange, democrats are krou crowing about the fact they were able to increase the budget in the commodities trade commission and ftc. they said we had to give a little but we got some for other agencies that republicans would like to go after. for now, at least democratic leaders saying, in the senate, that this is a fair deal. >> wow. so wall street could be back in the gambling business. i'm sure americans are very proud. from "the washington post," ed o'keefe, thank you very much. now three things to know this wednesday. michigan's governor says detroit's bankruptcy is officially ending at midnight tonight. the city first declared bankruptcy in july of 2013. it was the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy. the flu is hitting some areas of the country hard. one school in illinois is closed
11:22 am
for several days for a deep cleaning. up to a quarter of its students are sick with the flu. this comes after public health officials said this year's vaccine may not offer full protections. and nasty weather on the east and west coasts continues to hamper travel. east coast is bracing against heavy rain and strong winds that have already broken records that go back to the '70s. and out west, californians are prepping for what's being called one of the strongest storms in five years. a heavy downpour could cause floods, rock slides and even mudslides. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater?
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you're celebrating the runner-ups tweeting, just saw "time" gave ferguson protesters as runner-up. proud, proud moment. you're also tweeting about officers like richmond, california, police chief chris mangus. he joined protesters holding a black lives matter on tuesday. these pictures are going viral and he told area news, we want to send a message that all lives matter here in our city, black, brown, white, all of us. you're tweeting in response, richmond is on the leading edge of community police relations. in phoenix, arizona, during a monday protest over the police shooting death of 34-year-old brisbane, an officer was snapped telling the victim's daughter, i'm sorry. this is how police can start rebuilding trust. a cyber prank is chipping away at your trust in the iphone.
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this week the ghosts of the george w. bush administration came back to haunt the former president and the gop. the 6,000 page on torture is a reminder as of today there have been no legal consequences for those who employed enhanced interrogation techniques, more known as torture, as part of the war on terror. if the legal case on torture is going nowhere, will the bush national security policies linger as a political issue as we head into the next presidential election? and to answer that, we're joined by lynn sweet, the washington bureau chief for the chicago "sun-times." one of the things that happened when we saw that report come
11:32 am
out, bush era figures come back out of the woodwork. is that a good thing for republicans who want the white house back? >> well, it complicates things, joy, very much for the republican presidential field. and if we have time, i think it also complicates things for the democrats. it is in everyone's interest who wants to run for 2016, no matter the party, to distance yourself from that report. but the road away from the report is different for democrats and republicans. now, there has not been one unified republican response. if you look at the 2016 contenders even, you know, rand paul for the most has refrained from saying anything. saying he wanted to study the 6,000 pages. while as you noted, the bush-era people said it's just a partisan incomplete, not correct analysis of what happened. >> i want to bring in now jonathan alter, an msnbc political analyst and author of
11:33 am
"the center holds obama and his enemies." thank you for joining us. for republicans who want barack obama's job es essentially, the idea was to focus on him, on his national security. but this torture report, if it does nothing else, it reminds you that george w. bush existed and his policies are still omni present. i want to tell you what two potential contenders had to say about this torture report. rick perry and then lindsey graham. >> i don't have a problem with appropriate releasing of information that has positive effect on our policies. i'm hesitant to just say, yeah, i'm all about releasing information. i'm really concerned about what it does to men and women whose lives are going to be put in jeopardy. >> the techniques employed after 9/11 were in response to the fear of another attack. to understand why people did this. >> so, people are being very careful about parsing the way they respond this.
11:34 am
lindsey graham was particularly hawkish. how does the re-emergence of this torture report really impact these potential 2016 nominees? >> i think the biggest impact would be on jeb bush, were he to run, and there are indications he's going to run, will he have to be answering for his brother's record in the same way that hillary clinton will be answering for some of barack obama's. >> and, lynn -- go ahead. >> i just think the other ones are going to be very, very careful, as we've seen kind of dancing around the point. >> lynn, i still feel like there is this split within republican ranks, neoconservatives, lindsey graham, john mccain, and this neoisolationist, ungd say it's led by rand paul, that want to pull back from this heavy national focus. does that debate wind up coming back in 2016 or have we moved on to other issues, at least inside the republican party? >> you can't move on. as jonathan noted, if jeb bush does get in, because you relitigate in an even more
11:35 am
important way because it's jeb bush, the bush era. what this does mean, this means candidates probably much earlier than they want to will have to talk about foreign policy. it isn't just a matter of relitigating to the bush era, it's a matter of how do they want to proceed going forward. this opens up so much now this early in the race about -- it's not even about whether you thought this report was ideologically motivated. to the 2016 contenders, the questions can be very early on, who will you do? how will you navigate through this world? is the world a more dangerous place because of this report? what we saw in the clip from governor perry was really not a response to tell us what he would do as president. >> hillary clinton is expected to be a solo contend other democratic side but it's not irrelevant to her either. she voted for the iraq war. there's this enduring sense of
11:36 am
disappointment among a lot of liberals in the democratic party that president obama did not aggressively pursue at least some sort of, you know -- you know, some consequence for members of the bush administration for having employed torture. i want to play president obama talked about this and how this might play for the democrats the thi . >> the thing that sets us apart from other countries, when we make mistakes, we admit them. a lot of folks worked hard after 9/11 to keep us safe. what is also true is we took some steps that were contrary to who we are, con temporary to our values. >> is that enough? democrats do have this lingering sense of, you know what, things like guantanamo, which was in the hands of congress, but issues like torture would not fully addressed in this presidency. >> he just did not want to go for the finger pointing because he needed to make sure that the cia continued to do its job, the job it's supposed to be doing, in giving us advance warning on
11:37 am
possible terrorist attacks and all the other things they do. he's a big believer in the cia. he certainly did not want to have on his watch some sort of feeding frenzy of blame that might weaken us from being able to prevent another attack. if there is another attack now, especially if al qaeda were to say, you know, this is partly in retribution for what the cia has been doing, that could be a real problem for democrats who were responsible for releasing the report. >> and very lastly, lynn, does this wind up being a question for hillary clinton at all? >> absolutely, because she is a former secretary of state. her views and her positions are of utmost importance. >> lynn sweet and jonathan alter, thank you for being here. after the break, from the football field to the basketball court, professional athletes join the chorus of protests against police brutality.
11:38 am
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mohammed ali, bill russell, john carlos, tommy smith, a few of the professional athletes who famously used their sports platform to speak out on important political movements and issues of their day, including civil rights. fast forward a few decades and we've seen a black man elected to the white house. and a black attorney general leading the justice department. we've also seen eric garner, michael brown, tamir rice and other unarmed black men killed by police. and we've watched as thousands of americans continue to take to the streets. marching to insist that something has to change. and as an increasing number of professional athletes step up and show their support for those movements, wearing t-shirts that say, i can't breathe, and putting their hands up as they walk out onto the field, there's a question worth considering. as the nation's dave zchltd irin writes reer toicly, do we really
11:42 am
need a muhammad ali if we have a malco malcolm barack obama? >> dave zirin who is my favorite sports reporter, he wrote a great piece in "the nation" where he talks about the fact that these athletes are now joining in the protests, the hands up protests, he says the following, these athletes as sure as the viral video of the police killing of eric garner are now acting as a transmission belt from the communities of their birth to a white majority that often does not acknowledge the existence of this other america. in fact, he writes, one could argue they are the most effective transmission belt. in pushing people to see the truth of how communities of color are forced to live. talk about this dichotomy between the athletes who are rich because they play the sport and where they actually come from in the neighborhoods where they can more likely relate to a michael brown. >> right.
11:43 am
well, i will say this, joy, i think that it's fantastic these guys would be involved civically and very loud and publicly concerning things that affect our community. the unique dynamic these athletes are in is that on one hand they are working and doing well for themselves where they're not all the way touched by some of the things that average americans are touched by, but on the other hand, they are from these communities. most athletes, particularly in the nfl and the nba, are from these underserved communities. so, they understand and probably in some instances have been -- have really been touched by some of the issues that are happening today. so, i think it's fantastic. in fact,ly go as far as to say i think it is part their duty to help shine the light so that we can make this place we call america an amazing place to stay. >> and the important thing as well as you point out is that you have these leagues, especially the nfl and nba, that
11:44 am
are majority african-american in terms of the players, but where the fan base, at least those buying the tickets to get into the arenas, to get into the stadiums, are mainly white and may not be able to relate and may think these protests are somehow a negative statement about police, et cetera. is it important for them to see the athletes they love to see on the field to make these statements? will that n a way, penetrate more? >> i think it will penetrate more. the entertainment industry, the athletic industry is so major in our culture that -- that it's important that we interject the right information through their mediums as well. i also think it's important for guys like myself, people like you, joy, to play somewhat of a conduit or buffer between their world and the world that doesn't quite understand. their primary job as athletes is to go out, perform on the field or on the basketball court, in the hockey rinks, what have you, and our primary job is to explain the things that are happening in our community. so, i think it all works
11:45 am
together when we have voice and action working at the same time. >> yeah, very important. and, you know, on that note, you know, no higher praise for these athletes than john carlos himself, an excellent athlete, an olympian who made that famous gesture back in 1968, he and tommy smith, putting their hands up. actually, the white player that was there on the stands with them wore a button in solidarity of them as well. this is what he had to say on chris hayes on friday. >> people would start to say, enough is enough. and that's basically what the rams were saying. that's basically what the clippers said relative to their former owner. the atrocities that have been taking place. they're not merely thinking about themselves as much as they're thinking about their kids, their wives, their brothers, their mothers and fathers. >> because, i mean, in a lot of ways, isn't it the case if these guys weren't famous, they would be potentially the kind of people who would be targeted by police themselves as black men and they have family members,
11:46 am
relatives, who still in communities that are policed in ways they don't always feel is fair? >> right. when you don't have the name and the fame, you do what majority of americans have been doing the last few weeks, you take to the streets and try to be a voice that way. these athletes have a unique platform. people like them. people listen to them. and, fortunately, they have put their name alongside of what i believe are worthy causes. these guys should be commended because they do put something at risk whenever you wear a t-shirt that says, i can't breathe or when you stand behind michael brown and his family or any of the incidences that have been going on across america. you do place something at risk. i honor these players, but i also honor those great men and women whose names are not so well known. the reality of it is, is that we're wearing the t-shirts, the celebrities are making the noise, because the people on the ground dare to wake up every day and go out and stand in protest. most of them peacefully.
11:47 am
and we honor that. so, it's also kudos not just to the players but to the men and women on the ground that went out and made enough noise to make our celebrities take notice. >> all right. pastor terrell fletcher, i say, indeed, amen. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me, joy. >> really appreciate it. and coming up, a fight for workers' rights, voting rights and immigration reform. we bring back our series "generation to generation" with america ferrara. ♪ [ woman ] i will embrace change... everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay total effects. nourishing vitamins, and seven beautiful benefits in one. for younger-looking skin. so while your life may be ever-changing... ♪ ...your beautiful skin will stay beautiful. total effects from olay. your best beautiful. total effects from olay. ♪soft holiday music ]♪
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time now for our series "generation to generation" which brings together current leaders and people who influenced and inspired them for frank conversations about politics, policy and the state of our culture. recently we sat down with actress and activist america ferreira and delores. ferreira starred in the film "cesar chavez" about the farm
11:51 am
workers movement. >> prominent leader of the farm workers union. >> one of america's great labor and civil rights icons. >> at 84 years old, she still heads up a community organization foundation bearing her name. >> the great delores. >> i was always involved from the time i was a young girl. from the time i was 8 to 18 years old. >> i'm america ferreira and i'm an actress and also i'm involved in issues that matter to me. one of which is voter registration. the beginning for me of participating and getting involved with issues mattered to me. it started in college. >> i went to this meeting with this great organizer, fred roth sr., and he showed us pictures --
11:52 am
>> participated in a program that was called peace games. >> i was elected the first latino to the city council. >> and really i volunteered for extra credit in one of my classes. but it was one of the most defining experiences of my college career. >> i thought, that's what i want to do, because i could see it in my own community, all the racism, all of the inequities and i wanted to do something to change. >> my eyes were open to a whole new world that i knew so little about. they were issues that i cared about and they felt pressing and they felt like they needed attention. and that a life well spent would be one trying to address the issues of our time, not sort of indulging my passion for acting, which felt frivolous in comparison. >> when you see that kind of change, people have this power to change things, it's just very, i guess, it's almost -- it makes it just feel like so great
11:53 am
to know that you can do this, that you can teach people how to come together and they can do these great things. >> as a first generation american, i am raising my voice to join the millions of americans demanding a vote on comprehensive immigration reform. >> i'm a fourth generation american. my great grandfather was in the civil war on the union side of the army. yet my grandchildren and my great grandchildren face discrimination because they happen to be mexican-americans. >> it's incredibly frustrating that we have not gotten a vote on the immigration bill. >> what we're asking for is not new. giving a path to citizenship for all immigrants has always been the policy of the united states of america. >> every single immigrant group that came to this country received the citizenship at one point or another. >> the face of this country is changing and it's really not a matter of if but when, you know, d.c. awakens to that. >> many of the people out there that might be opposed to
11:54 am
immigration reform, that they don't understand the causes, they don't understand why people come here from their countries. you know, like central america and mexico, because they don't have the job opportunities that we have here. >> yes, we can! yes, we can! >> yes, we can! >> the president views the yes, we can, which, of course, originated with the farm workers. in fact, i initiated that slogan. >> when i told her i had stolen her slogan, yes, we can, knowing her, i'm pleased that she let me off easy, because delores does not play. >> yes. yes, we can. >> the cesar chavez movement and the si se puede movement is so important to bring to the forefront right now. not only so we don't forget
11:55 am
what's kocome before and what i possible, but also so we know today what we've accomplished. >> si se puede. >> the one thing this whole movement has done is really unified the latino community and it has strengthened them in many ways, the latino community to make them understand why they have to get involved. >> it is really important that we remember our history and remember what we're capable of and what's possible. and hopefully we've given some people context for the, yes, we can, slogan. >> a lot of patience to reach out to people that don't understand the issue, to explain to them, and reminding them that, you know, if a -- people came from somewhere to the united states of america and understand we're going to win, not to give up. don't get tired. just keep organizing, because the only way we -- but we have
11:56 am
to get organizing, organizing, all the people we can. >> si pe. >> you that wraps things up for the "the reid report." i'll see tomorrow at 2 p.m. eastern. visit us online at "the cycle" is up next. hi, cyclist, happy wednesday. >> we'll talk more about the fallout from the cia torture report. looking at "time's" person of the year and an update on ebola, how it's playing out in west africa. we'll play a little sound from your interview with eric holder as well. a lot to come on the show today. >> thanks very much. you have a great show. "the cycle" is up next. my business only works
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12:00 pm
cia, serving on our behalf. these are patriots. and whatever the report says, if it diminishes their contributions to our country, it is way off base. >> patriots or not who we are, good day to you. i'm ari melber. as we come on the air this afternoon, fallout from the cia report on torture and interrogation still coming from multiple angles. it's happening on the senate floor. >> torture just didn't happen, after all. contrary to the president's recent statement, we didn't torture some folks. real, actual people engaged in torture. some of these people are still employed by the cia and the u.s. government. they are right now people serving in high-level positions at the agency who approved, directed or committed acts related to the cia's detention and interrogation program. >> reaction also pouring in on the world's largest stage,


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